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7 May

Planning for College Expenses

Graduation day is coming quickly for high school seniors everywhere, many of whom are eager to start their college careers in the fall. And after completing numerous applications, nervous interviews and what seemed to be endless hoops through which they jumped, a lucky few are left holding not only acceptance letters, but full or partial scholarships to the school of their choice.

Unfortunately, not every child is so lucky. Scholarships are few and far between, especially those paying 100% of your college costs. So even if your child is a budding NCAA star athlete or the next Rhodes Scholar, a financial plan for college is still the best choice to cover one of the greatest investments you can make in your child’s future.

With so many factors weighing in, educational financial planning can be daunting. Assumptions and mistakes can be costly so it is wise to consult an expert in financial planning. At Vachon Clukay, we can guide you through the options available for funding both current and future college expenses. We will review you income, bonuses, and current investments and develop a plan that makes sense for your unique situation. Contact our office to schedule an appointment. It is never too early to plan for your children’s education.