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21 Oct

Fraud in Business: A Continuing Series, Article #5

What can you do to prevent fraud in your business? It’s been said many times ‘knowledge is power,’ and one of the best ways to prevent fraud is to institute solid financial controls in your company that maintain as much transparency in transactions and operations as reasonably allowable. These controls will minimize crimes of opportunity and should provide you with…

13 Oct

Fraud in Business: A Continuing Series, Article #4

Condition 3—Attitude/Rationalization Even with the most rigorous financial controls in place, one may still face the threat of the most unpredictable of conditions – the unpredictable, human condition. Unfortunately, some individuals possess an attitude, character (or lack thereof, or set of ethical values that allow them to knowingly and intentionally commit a dishonest act. Some believe that even otherwise honest…

19 Sep

Fraud, can it be happening in your business today?

With all the external challenges presented in today’s economy, it can certainly be disheartening to know that one of the greatest threats to your business could be internal. Fraud can silently attack even the strongest, most profitable of businesses if left to grow undetected. But take heart, as there is much you can do to minimize the conditions in which…